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Welcome to the Intelligent Agent Technology Group (IAT) located at the School of Software and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

The group carries out research in intelligent agents and multi-agent systems, focusing on autonomous negotiation and decision-making, coordination, optimisation and adaptation mechanisms, and their applications in building and managing open, large-scale, distributed systems for Smart Infrastructure such as Smart Energy Grids, Smart Transport Systems, Smart Cloud Computing and Future Internet Systems.

We collaborate closely with the industry and research partners on a range of projects nationally and internationally, and always welcome collaboration opportunities and visitors in our centre.

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Latest News

Welcome new IAT Group members
on: Fri 08 of Dec, 2017 [06:56 UTC]
Welcome new members at IAT Group: Isuru Rajapakse and Khanh Nguyen (Khanh switches to full time), who will work on the project "Autonomic Computing for Resilient Cyber Operations in Contested Environments" as R&D Software Engineers
Welcome new IAT Group member
on: Tue 24 of Oct, 2017 [02:26 UTC]
Welcome Qinyuan Li who joins the IAT Group as a PhD student working on "Adaptive Multi-agent reconfiguration with Markov Decision Process"
Welcome New IAT Group Member
on: Wed 30 of Aug, 2017 [14:05 UTC]
Welcome Khaw Yan Ngee who joins the IAT Group as a PhD student working on "Decentralised Control of DC Micro Grid for Rural Areas"
Welcome New IAT Group Member
on: Fri 05 of May, 2017 [01:03 UTC]
Welcome Kent Ramchand who joins the IAT Group as a Masters by Research student working on "Decision Framework for Smart Facilitation of Cloud Services for Diverse Application Architectures"

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