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Agent-Enabled Social Networks (AESN)


This project aims at creating a new framework for linking individuals, organizations and groups to form an open social network that scales massively. The framework specifies the method of discovery, interconnection and management of online social networks. Specifically, the three primary objectives of this project are:

  • To enable individuals and communities to benefits form an open social networks - We aim to create a peer-to-peer infrastructure that support agents interacting and seeking mutual matches to user requests/offers.
  • To automate the control of social network policies - We aim to explore agent-enabled methodologies for the automation of a social network with the goal that the users get the greatest result over time for the smallest input. The automation activities include authorisation and authentication of communication and discovery of individuals and communities of common interests/purpose, negotiation of common policies, filtering of joining requests and delivering search results to users.
  • To develop a close-to-market software prototype - Together with our industry partner, we aim to develop a real-world use-case with a software prototype as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate and evaluate the new capabilities of the proposed framework.

Project Members


This project is supported by an ARC Linkage grant and Everyday Interactive Networks (EIN) for three years.

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