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Smart Cloud Broker (SCB)


With the rapid proliferation of cloud service offerings and the adoption of cloud solutions by the industry, cloud brokerage is increasingly being seen as one of the critical success factors in the adoption and use of cloud services. Gartner says that the cloud broker can provide flexibility and opportunistic choices to prospective users of the cloud by offering them multiple similar services to select from. With the growing number of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers and provisioning models, an IaaS Broker can adopt innovative business models varying from a simple IaaS Comparator, and IaaS Referrer, to the more complex IaaS Reseller. In this project, we investigate the different business models for a cloud broker.

What is a Cloud Broker?

A cloud broker is essentially an intermediary between the cloud providers and the end users. Its purpose is to "provide flexibility and opportunistic choices” to the end-users (companies) and assist them in choosing the right cloud platform/provider that best suits their needs. It can use the knowledge of the customer’s specific needs in terms of infrastructure requirements, application performance, costs, security, geographic location, compliance and regulatory requirements and other requisite criteria, and match these requirements to the capabilities of the cloud service providers. Additionally, it can also provide users with a unified management interface to multiple cloud-providers enabling the deployment, monitoring and management of the applications on individual clouds and/or across multiple clouds.

Some Cloud Broker Services

The Cloud Broker can offer a number of services to both cloud service providers and consumers. In the current phase, we look at the services it can provide the prospective cloud consumers.

Comparison of Cloud Providers

The cloud broker maintains an active IaaS provider catalogue which contains details about the various providers including their capabilities, business models, pricing models and liabilities. It builds a cost/confi guration matrix using a common set of metrics, which it uses to answer specfi c user queries by matching the specifi c requirements of the IaaS consumers to the capabilities of the providers. Such a tool is particularly benefi cial for enterprises who want to get a quick overview of the available cloud off erings. Read more here..

Evaluation of Custom Benchmark Applications

Although most IaaS providers publicly advertise the diff erent service confi gurations they support and the corresponding prices, their precise nature and the resultant application runtime behaviour is still largely unknown. Given the blackbox nature of these cloud platforms it becomes important for service consumers to be able to test applications under di fferent load conditions on the di fferent cloud providers which may be located in di erent geographical regions to ensure that the QoS that has been promised to the end consumers is actually achievable. Read more here..

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Current Project Members

Previous Project Members

  • Shimul Nath
  • Cam Lan Do


This work has partially been supported by
  • IAT group at Swinburne
  • Winter Scholarship from the Smart Services CRC under the Service Delivery & Aggregation Project.
  • Summer Scholarship from the ARC Discovery Grant DP0987380 Managing Conflicts in Requirements Engineering with Argumentation Framework (2009-2011)
  • Foundry Project with Smart Services CRC
  • Skills & Knowledge Grants from Commercialisation Australia

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