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Software and Human Agents in Multiattribute Auctions and Negotiations (SHAMAN)
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Shaman is a jointly developed international project with an aim to research and develop a comprehensive framework for Software and Human Agents in Multiattribute Auctions and Negotiations. A number of specific studies within the proposed framework include:

  • The specification of users’ requirements for, and limitation to, work with systems and operate on e-markets involving human and software agents and their verification;
  • Based on experiments, the discovery of constraints for effective human interactions with others and with software agents;
  • The formulation of the conditions for the use of auctions and negotiation mechanisms with human and software agents;
  • The suggestion of the effective and/or efficient auction and negotiations mechanism for particular needs of the users; and
  • The type of the users’ needs which software agents can fulfil.

These studies will allow for the development of software agents and e-market systems which can pro-vide effective aids, and efficient and effective mechanisms. They also will allow us to determine how agent-based support can be tailored to individual needs and abilities of the users.

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"In traditional societies, a shaman is a person who, usually in an altered state of consciousness, acts as an intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds to predict and control the future, cure illness, generate miracles, and the like. Originally applied to societies in Siberia and Central Asia, the term now is used ... in any part of the world."

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