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Collaborative e-Business Process Modelling: Transforming Private EPC to Public BPMN Business Process Models

  Volke Hoyer, Eva Bucherer, Florian Schnabel

Transforming XPDL to Petri Nets

  Haiping Zha, Yun Yang, Jianmin Wang 

Automated approach for developing and changing SOA-based business process implementation

  Uttam Tripathi, Pankaj Jalote

CoBTx-Net: A Model for Reliability Verification of Collaborative Business Transaction

  Haiyang Sun, Jian Yang

Privacy-preserving Collaborative Business Process Management 


Interaction Modeling using BPMN

  Gero Decker, Alistair Barros

A Phased Deployment of a Workflow Infrastructure in the Enterprise Architecture

  Raf Haesen, Stijn Goedertier, Kris Van de cappelle, Wilfried Lemahieu, Monique Snoeck, Stephan Poelmans

Delegating revocations and authorizations

  Hua Wang, Jinli Cao

Towards Analysis of Flexible and Collaborative Workflow Using Recursive ECATNets 

  Kamel Barkaoui and Awatef Hicheur

Evie – A Developers toolkit for encoding Service Interaction Patterns

  Tony O’Hagan, Shazia Sadiq, Wasim Sadiq

Quality analysis of composed services through fault injection

  Mariagrazia Fugini, Barbara Pernici, Filippo Ramoni