GSEM 2005

Accepted Papers

  1. An Approach to Abstracting and Transforming Web Services for End-user-doable Construction of Service-Oriented Applications
    (Jian Yu, Jun Fang, Yanbo Han, Jianwu Wang, Chen Zhang)
  2. Towards Autonomous SLA Management Using a Proxy-like Approach
    (Bastian Koller, Lutz Schubert)
  3. A Model Transformation based Conceptual Framework for Ontology Evolution
    (Longfei Jin, Lei Liu)
  4. MAGI - Mobile Access to Grid Infrastructure: Bringing the gifts of Grid to Mobile Computing
    (Ali Sajjad, Hassan Jameel, Umar Kalim, Young-Koo Lee, Sungyoung Lee)
  5. Integration of heterogenous services in the Adaptive Services Grid
    (Harald Böhme, Alexander Saar)
  6. An Evaluation of Discovery approaches in Grid and Web services Environments
    (Ioan Toma, Kashif Iqbal, Matthew Moran, Dumitru Roman, Thomas Strang)
  7. Grid Resource Ontologies and Asymmetric resource-Correlation
    (Mumtaz Siddiqui, Thomas Fahringer, Juergen Hofer, Ioan Toma)
  8. Optimal Workflow Execution in Grid Environments
    (Nadine Heterd, Walter Binder, Ion Constantinescu, Boi Faltings)
  9. A New Efficient and Effective Checkpoint Selection Strategy for Dynamic Verification of Fixed-time Constraints in Grid Workflow Systems
    (Jinjun Chen, Yun Yang)
  10. The Otho Toolkit: Generating Tailor-made Scientific Grid Application Wrappers
    (Juergen Hofer, Alex Villazon, Mumtaz Siddiqui, Thomas Fahringer)