GSEM 2006

Aims and Scope

The Grid has emerged as a global platform to support on-demand virtual organizations for coordinated sharing of distributed data, applications and processes. Service orientation of the Grid also makes it a promising platform for seamless and dynamic development, integration and deployment of service-oriented applications. The application components can be discovered, composed and delivered within a Grid of services, which are loosely coupled to create dynamic business processes and agile applications spanning organizations and computing platforms. The technologies contributing to such Grids of services include Service-Oriented Computing, Semantic Web, Grid Computing, Software Engineering, Business Process Technology, and Agent Technology.

The GSEM 2006 conference aims at presenting and discussing the impact of the latest theoretical and practical results from the above-mentioned technological and research areas on the engineering and management of Grid services and service-oriented applications.

The conference aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields and interests, including Web Services, Semantic Web, Grid infrastructures, software components, workflow, intelligent agents and negotiation technologies, service management, and those looking for new business and research cooperation opportunities in the area of Grid services and service-oriented applicatio